Precipice of Ruin

A Rude Awakening

Chapter 1. Shara, recently freed from being held as one of Tusk’s captives by Mal flee to the streets to try to find safety from Tusk’s henchmen. They manage to make it to a near by temple with Mal being critically wounded – the faithful (Whitewood, Gorgov and Viola) come to the defense of the pair being assaulted by the bandits and drive them back.

However, there is little time to rest and heal. Before the bodies have even become cold Shara discovers one of Tusk’s plans within the documents she took when she fled his hideout. The Grand Cleric is in danger, and there little time to waste.

Mal stays at the temple to allow his wounds to be tended to, while the rest venture off towards the grand temple of the city – only to be met with guards barring their entrance. They manage to initimidate their way within.

With haste they run to the highest point of the temple where the Grand Cleric has been preparing for a ritual. Two assassins dressed as guards are slain, but the third one completes his ritual – opening a gateway to the underworld and spilling forth horrors.

With the assistance of the temple acolytes, they battle the mass of creatures spilling forth from the portal – with both sides taking heavy losses. Shara steps forward and unravels the magic, just in time to save the Grand Cleric’s life.



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